1. Special Events
    Special Events
    If you are hosting a community event, want to promote a concert, or just need some support for your event. We can help. It is our goal and desire to make your event the best it can possibly be. We want to partner with you to make it happen. It really comes down to how much assistance you need. We have the experience and ability to provide the highest quality family friendly entertainment.
  2. Concerts
    Over the years we have been asked to promote and provide production for concerts and tours in Alabama. We are happy to be a part of the local music scene as well as provide support for regional and national tours. Some of our favorite events have been the AsOne Student Conference, Creation Festival the Tour, and Christian Music Weekend at Visionland. In total we have more than 25 years of experience in concert production and promotions.
  3. Festivals
    TMI Productions provides sound equipment, lighting, staging, and live family entertainment for several community festivals. We can handle a single stage for one day or multiple stages for several days. It is our goal to provide great family friendly entertainment for audiences of all ages. Some of our friends have gone on to be pretty well known. We currently work with lots of local, regional, and national artists.
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As the founder of TMI Productions as well as Dragonslayer Productions it has been my privilege to work with and assist hundreds of great artists that have gone on to be extremely successful. It is our goal to provide a venue that can bring the next generation of music lovers to great music. Each week we will broadcast live via go2joes.com.